Monday, October 16, 2023

Gore's Tutoring Online math physics classes in Abu Dhabi

 Gore's Tutoring is a premier tuition center based in Dubai. Our Online Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Business classes for IGCSE A levels, IB and AP are rated as the best in its league.

We have tutored thousands of students who attend UK / IB curriculum schools. 

For economical tutoring prices, guaranteed quality and expert guidance for IGCSE / A level / IB Mathematics physics Economics Business tutors, call us or WhatsApp us on 052 4630 535

Monday, September 12, 2022

Private tutors in Dubai

Mr. Vikram Gore is a top-rated private tutor based in Dubai. He has 20 years of teaching experience in uk, ib & us boards. Being a former examiner with UK curriculum / boards, he is well versed with the exam paper patterns of edexcel / pearson / oxford aqa, cie curricula as well as IB boards.

Mr. Gore owns KHDA licensed tuition centers Dubai that offer igcse / gcse, A level / ib - myp as well as other exam board tuitions. Parents may check out for more details or call 050 9021 727 / 052 768 9565.

Mr. Vikram's classes for O levels / gcse / igcse maths, physics, chemistry are in offered in small group format with personal attention given to each and every student. 

Mr. Gore teaches students in a classroom setting with interactive discussion, white board-based lectures and solving step by step all the questions with focus on concepts, keywords and past paper patterns.

The A level tution sessions at Gore's are offered in classroom as well as online mode. We offer a unique blending of best of both techniques without diluting the quality of private tutoring. The A level Math physics and chemistry coaching lessons are offered for pearson, oxford aqa as well as cie boards with latest international A level pattern (ial). A level pure and applied (mechanics and statistics) are tutored separately. 

IB math AA / AI tutoring offered by Mr. Gore focuses on covering the IB specifications indepth with 20 years past papers, concept explanation, IA guidance (Internal assessment) as well as regular tests.

Call 050 90 21 727 / 052 768 95 65 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

private tutor Math Science Economics Business lessons dubai


Math Science private tutors Dubai

 Gore's Tutoring & Learning Center, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) offers small group as well as private tutors for Math & Science for Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. Students can opt for Classroom sessions (JLT) and Online sessions as well as Blended (Classroom + Online) sessions. Call 050 9021727 / 052 768 9565

Gore's Tutoring and Learning center is managed by Mr. Vikram Gore, who is an expert tutor having 20+ years of teaching experience in UK / IB /US boards. Under his academic supervision, Gore's Tutoring has a  highly dedicated team of professional tutors who impart the highest quality of teaching. 

At Gore's, we strictly adhere to the school curricula and provide ample practice questions and assignments to our students. The tutoring charges are very reasonable (affordable with group discounts!). 

For more details, whatsapp 052 768 95 65

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Pure Math AS / A levels private Tutors in Dubai

Gore's Tutoring JLT offers expert Pure Math AS/A level lessons at its center in JLT. The Math classes are offered in small groups as well as private (one to one) format. The Math tutors at Gore's Dubai have more than 20 years experience in teaching the Math AS A levels. call 0509021 727 / 052 768 9565,

The center is managed by Mr. Vikram Gore, expert tutor with 20+ years of teaching experience in UK / IB / US boards. 

At Gore's Dubai, we offer A level Pure Math tuitions for Edexcel / CIE / Oxford AQA international / AQA / OCR boards. We offer both Classroom as well as Online tuitions.

The Pure Math + Mechanics + Statistics combination is a bit challenging for students who have completed the GCSE / IGCSE Maths. The students who have achieved a higher B or a 7 in igcse or gcse generally take up AS level Pure Math courses of edexcel or CIE.

Our tutoring program for Pure Math edexcel AS / A level revolves around 3 main phases. The first phase involves fast track completion of the Math Specifications as per the text book. This phase generally takes about 6 months (students are required to attend 4 hours per week  / 2 sessions each of 2 hours). The second phase starts in parallel with the first wherein we offer some private lessons  especially for Statistics and few Mechanics topics. The second phase focuses on Applied Math (Statistics and Mechanics). The Students may do 1 hour out of the 4 hours per week for the applied math (Statistics and mechanics). 

The second phase that concentrates on Applied Math is done at a slower pace than the Pure Math. While the pure math topics are being completed at a fast pace, the applied math topics are done at a steady speed. As and when the Pure Math is completed (approximately by the end of the 6th month), about 50% of the applied math also is completed. The tutors then focus on Applied Math for 1 month intensive lessons (4 to 6 hours per week on applied math) and complete the remaining topics.

The third phase involves practicing exam style questions, doing full scale exam practice and getting the answering techniques fine tuned with our expert teachers.

Gore's Tutoring has tutored hundreds of students from reputed A level schools in Dubai such as Dubai College, Jumeirah College, DESC, Raffles international, Winchestor, DBS, Chouiefat, English College .....

Year 7 Math tution classes at Gore's Tutoring Dubai


                                                                Gore’s Tutoring Dubai

Gore’s Tutoring Dubai offers Year 7 Math lessons for students attending the British / IB curriculum schools. The course is structured as per the National Curriculum of England. Majority of the schools in Dubai follow the UK curriculum and the below mentioned structure would benefit the students immensely. call 0509021727 / 052 768 9565

·         Addition and subtraction of whole numbers
·         Multiplication and division with whole numbers
·         Collecting and displaying data (Statistics)
·         Number and patterns
·         Sets and Venn Diagrams
·         Parts of Whole (Fractions, Decimals)
·         Addition & Subtraction of Fractions & Decimals
·         More on decimals
·         Units of Lengths and Mass

              Book 20 hours of Math and Get 4 FREE SCIENCE LESSONS

·         Introducing Geometry
·         Symmetry
·         Triangles and Quadrilaterals
·         Probability
·         Area
·         Parallel Lines
·         Co-ordinates
·         Formulae / Formulas
·         Straight line Graphs
·         Summarizing & Comparing data
·         Solids
·         Equations
·         Grouping Data (Charts)

The math lessons / tuition classes are offered in small groups. The charges are reasonable. The center has a wide range of exam oriented worksheets and revision resources. The institute also has a Homework Revision portal that deals with homework, assignments and tests at Gore’s Tutoring.

For more details, call 050 9021 727 / 052 768 95 65 / 050 214 90 99

Sunday, August 4, 2019

IB Math exam Paper Discussion lessons at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

IB Exam Paper Discussion Lesson for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Business  involves assigning past papers as homework. The students are required to attempt three to four IB exam papers at home before they attend the paper discussion lesson. These lessons are generally scheduled for IB DP 2 students / IB Final year students. The purpose of these lessons is to assess the level of preparedness in solving exam questions. 

The students have to solve at least three exam papers and upload their work on the Homework Portal. Our team of IB tutors then go through the student's work and flag those questions / concepts that remain unanswered. These are discussed at a fast pace in the classroom with detailed explanations. 

At Gore's, the IB students have to solve past papers from 1999 on wards until 2019. That comes to approximately 120 exam papers! The tutoring sessions at Gore's covers many of the questions while they learn concepts. Therefore, the students would ideally find about 50 papers as unique. Hence, the task of solving these papers becomes easier. 

By solving exam papers regularly, IB students learn the art of answering a full scale exam. They can fine tune their answering strategies with help of our tutors. Every student has a different / unique way to approach the IB exam paper. 

By optimizing the time and mastering the exam paper answering technique, the probability of getting a 6-7 is enhanced. Regular exam paper discussions lead towards attaining perfection in the stronger areas and strengthening the weaker concepts. In addition to the exam questions, we assign additional IB style questions developed by Mr. Vikram especially to students who wish to strengthen their weaker concepts.

To register for IB Math lessons at Gore's Tutoring, Call 052 768 95 65 / 050 90 21 727 / 050 214 9099 or visit our website