Friday, October 28, 2016

SAT Maths 2016 New Pattern for Dubai Students.

Dubai Tuitions and Mr. Vikram (Maths tutor in Dubai) have jointly compiled more than 3000 SAT Maths questions for the SAT 2016 pattern. These 3000 questions cover all the math areas that SAT exam would incorporate. We have given below a brief but comprehensive insight on the new math portion for the SAT 2016.

The 2016 SAT Maths pattern has 4 main areas namely

a) Algebra (Heart of Algebra) that accounts for (33%) i.e 19 questions
b) Problem Solving and Data Analysis (29%) i.e 17 questions
c) Passport to Advanced Maths (28%) i.e 16 questions
d) Additional Topics on Maths (10%) i.e 6 questions

These questions count toward the section score for Math (200 - 800), the total score of the SAT (400 - 1600), and the test score of Math test (1 - 40).

These questions will also count toward the sub scores of Algebra, Data Analysis, and Advanced Math (1 - 15 each).

Some of these questions will also count toward the Analysis on Science and Analysis in Social Studies cross test scores (1-40 each).

1) The test consists of a calculator as well as non calculator questions
2) The exam lasts for 80 minutes
3) There are 58 questions in total
4) 38 Maths questions (55 minutes) are calculator based and 20 questions (25 minutes) are non calculator
5) Out of the 58 questions spread over 2 portions, 45 are multiple choice questions (4 options) and 13 are grid in questions
6) Test Takers will not be penalized for incorrect answers in multiple choice questions.

Call 050 90 21 727 for class schedules.

Disclaimer: SAT is a registered trademark of College Board. Dubai Math Tutor does not represent SAT. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

New GCSE Maths Papers 2016 are TOUGHER!! New exam pattern, 3 papers and much more...

The GCSE Maths 2016-2017 exams are going to be much tougher than the previous years! The emphasis on non-calculator paper as well as 2 other calculator papers indicatesthat students need to practice lot more harder. There will be three papers (one non calculator and two calculator papers). Each paper will have 33.33 % weightage.

Developing problem solving skills, Memorising formulae (unlike in the previous years where the formulae used to be printed in the question papers), stress on mental maths (similar to Indian system!) etc are some key features. But the most striking is the abolition of grades (A to G) and introduction of number (9-1) to identify performance levels.

With new specifications introduced this year, GCSE Maths content is much larger and challenging with more emphasis placed on problem-solving.

The subject will be assessed by exam only, students will be expected to learn mathematical formulae by heart and apply their knowledge and reasoning to provide clear mathematical arguments.

The questions on GCSE maths paper will be based on a variety of topics which can be grouped into 6 main areas. The content has been organised into  6 broad topic areas:



Ratio, proportion and rates of change

Geometry and measures



All content can be assessed on any of the three question papers. As such, some questions will draw together elements of maths from different topic areas.

The weighting of the topic areas has been prescribed by Ofqual and is common to all exam boards.

one of the key structural features of the new GCSEs confirmed by Ofqual - England’s qualifications and exams regulator - includes a new ‘grading scale’ - which will replace the traditional A* to G grading system - to, instead, use numbers 1 to 9 to identify levels of performance, with 9 being at the top end of the scale. Where performance is below the minimum required to pass a GCSE, students will receive a ‘U’.

GCSEs in 2017 will be getting a lot harder overall to “equip [young people] to win in the global race.” This, according to the DfE, will include “more challenging course content” and will see all subjects - including English literature, maths, and history - toughen-up.

Gore's Tutoring Centre Dubai offers GCSE Maths & GCSE Science lessons. For lesson bookings or other queries contact: 052 768 95 65  / 050 90 21 727

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Year 8 Maths Revision lessons at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

The Maths revision for Year 8 GCSE students at Gore's Tutoring Dubai has been described below.  (

Revision Topics for Year 8 at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

Multiplying/Dividing by negative numbers
* To multiply by negative numbers
* To divide by negative numbers
* To find the highest common factor of two integers
* To find the lowest common multiple of two integers.
Powers and Roots
* To apply Integers between 1 and 10 to various powers.
* To apply the second and third roots to various integers
Prime Factors
* To write a number as a product of its prime factors
* To find the HCF and LCM of two numbers by finding their prime factors.
Alternate and Corresponding angles
* To identify alternate and corresponding angles
* To calculate missing angles using alternate and corresponding angles.
Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygons
* To calculate interior and exterior angles in regular polygons
The Circle
* To understand the definition of a circle.
* To recognise and name the various parts of a circle
Circumference of a Circle
*To learn the formula to calculate a circles circumference
* To use the formula to calculate the circumference
Area of a Circle
*To learn the formula to calculate a circles area
* To use the formula to calculate the area
Solving Equations
* To construct and solve linear integer equations
Equations involving negative numbers
* To construct and solve linear integer equations with negatives
Equations with unknowns on both sides
* To construct and solve linear integer equations with unknowns on both sides
Stem and Leaf Diagrams
* To create stem-and-leaf diagrams given a set of data.
* to calculate statistics for sets of discrete and continuous data
Expand and Simplify
* Simplify expressions by collecting like terms
* Expand and simplify single brackets
* Expand and solve linear equations
Solving Equations by Trial and Improvement
* to find an approximate solution to a non-linear equation through trial and improvement
Plans and Elevations
* To draw the plan and elevations of a 3D shape
* To draw a 3D shape given its plan and elevations
* To find simple loci to produce shapes and paths
* Use bearings to specify a direction from one position to another  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Free IGCSE Maths Tutoring Program at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

Hi Dubai Students !
Gore's Tutoring Dubai is conducting free tutoring for students who are appearing for the IGCSE Maths Exams (CIE / Edexcel) in May-June. This special summer offer is for the first 5 students only.

You may visit 

The IGCSE Maths lessons at Gore's Tutoring Dubai are Fast track tutoring sessions that focus on the past paper solving techniques. Hundreds of students have benefitted from Gore's Tutoring's teaching methods. Our tutors can accurately predict the grades based on the performance of the students at our tutoring center. The Tutoring Center (Gore's) assesses every student with mock IGCSE papers that are concept specific. 

At Gore's, we offer the high quality teaching at affordable fees. The lessons are in Small groups as well as private (one-on-one) depending on the student requirements. 

The tutoring center (Gore's) is located in Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV). The center is licensed by KHDA, the Education Authority in Dubai, and recognized by various international boards. The tutors are full time and have experience of more than 5 years or more. At Gore's every teacher is trained before he/she is recruited. The selection of teachers is done by tests, followed by personal interview and then by mock tutoring sessions. Once the tutor is selected, he/she does the orientation with our senior tutors before they start teaching. Additionally, each tutor is sent for advanced training at British Council. 

At Gore's Tutoring Dubai, the tutoring is monitored with layered approach. The Layered Approach involves constant monitoring of teaching techniques used by the tutors, student performance, course content review etc. 

Besides Maths, Gore's Tutoring Dubai offers tutoring programs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Economics, Business, French, Spanish, English, SAT, AP (Advanced Placement), ACT etc.

You can call 050 9021727 / 052 768 9565 / 050 2149099 / 0557109457

Emails:  / 

SAT TEST 2016 Format for Dubai school students


The reading and writing sections will include questions that require students to cite evidence for their answer choices, and will include reading passages from a broader range of disciplines, including science, history, social studies and literature.Test takers will no longer be asked to complete sentences with obscure words they might have memorized from flash cards.

Instead, students will have to consider the context of how words like "synthesis" and "empirical" are used.The math section will no longer allow calculators to be used on every portion. It will focus on data analysis and real world problem-solving, algebra and some more advanced math concepts -- areas that most prepare students for college and career. The essay, which the SAT added in 2005, will now be optional.

Essays will be scored separately from the rest of the test, and the prompt will remain basically the same in every test: It will ask students to consider a passage and write an essay that analyzes how the author made an argument, used evidence and styled ideas.

The redesigned test will take about three hours, with an additional 50 minutes for the essay, and will be administered by print and computer; the current test is available on paper only.

Dubai Tuitions offers comprehensive SAT Test Preparation for 2016 starting with Maths concepts and Foundation level English Test Preparation. The SAT 2016 involves higher level of Maths learning and requires thorough grounding on Maths concepts. The English content also has undergone fundamental changes and requires more comprehension, analysis and expression with background knowledge. At Dubai Tuitions, we have a group of tutors who can look into each of these aspects and give a 360 view of SAT 2016 Test.

We have tutors who are specialists in each of these sections. A single tutor / trainer can no longer ensure success in the New SAT 2016 format. 

For more information, email: 

Monday, August 25, 2014

GCSE to IB Maths: Bridge course by Mr. Vikram

Mr. Vikram has started a bridge course for GCSE Maths students who wish to take the IB Maths (Higher or Standard) level. The Maths course is being conducted in Dubai Knowledge Village at Gore's Tutoring Dubai. 

Mr. Vikram has specialized in IB Maths and has been tutoring Dubai students for last the 10 years. The students who take the GCSE curriculum (Edexcel / AQA) need to put in atleast 2 months of intensive maths tutoring to cover 28 topics that are required for smooth transition to IB Maths.

The Maths topics are taught with a view to enhance the concepts and help the students to identify,apply and then solve the IB level questions. The Bridge program is divided into 3 levels. 

The Level 1 involves extension topics from GCSE / Additional Maths. Level 2 includes new topics that require good understanding of Level 1 topics. The Level 2 topics introduce the IB Maths foundation content that targets the "Method" "M1" usually ignored by most of the students. 

Level 3 topics contain mixed concepts. This techniques helps students to answer questions that have more than one chapter content. For example: Trigonometry with Calculus etc

MYP students, GCSE / IGCSE students in Dubai from DIA, EIS, Repton, Wellington dubai, Raffles world academy etc can join the summer program to get a head start in the IB DP Maths Program.

For enrolling into GCSE to IB Maths Bridge Course, contact 052 768 95 65  / 050 90 21 727